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TTL Binocular Loupe

Optic Technology

Customized TTL galileo optical system,
need not adjust any more

LED Technology

Edge-defined lightspot, magnet connect
and filter included

Flip-up Design

No need to take off glasses during
switching work mode

Myopia Glasses

Include detachable frame for customize
myopia glasses

USB Power Supply

Work or charge with adaptor or power
bank via USB


Dentistry | Ophthalmology | ENT | Surgical Operation

Galileo Binocular Loupe
Kepler Binocular Loupe
Galileo Binocular Loupe
Kepler Binocular Loupe
TTL Binocular Loupe
Magnification 2.5x/3.5x 4x/5x/6x 2.5x/3.5x 4x/5x/6x 2.3x
Work Distance 420mm 420mm 420mm 420mm 420mm
Field of View 130mm 65mm 130mm 65mm 130mm
Depth of Field 180mm 60mm 180mm 60mm 180mm
Number of Lens 4 4 4 4 4
Light Source
Type LED
Power 3W
Illumination 30,000lx
Color Temperature 5,500K
Color Rendering 90
Lifetime 50,000h
Intensity Adjustable O
Pupil Distance 55~65mm 55~65mm 55~65mm 55~65mm Customize
Tube Angle ±5° ±5° ±5° ±5°
Width 160mm 160mm 160~190mm 160~190mm 160mm
Depth 70~130mm 70~130mm
Weight 100g 140g 100g 140g 65g

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* Specification varies by usage and manufacturing process.

* Design and specification are subject to change.